Changing MENtality

Meet the Team

November 18, 2020 Season 1 Episode 1
Changing MENtality
Meet the Team
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Welcome to the Changing MENtality podcast. This short trailer introduces all the team that you'll soon be hearing from when our first set of episodes drop.

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Hello there,


and welcome to the changing mentality podcast. This podcast takes young men from across the country and brings them together to help destigmatise and open up the conversation around men's mental health. With support from student minds and comic relief. You'll be hearing discussions, interviews, book reviews and many other episodes from us. We hope that we can help to educate ourselves and our listeners about the big issues in men's mental health and ways that they can be helped. So without further ado, let's meet the team. My name is Louis Newstead and I'm a second year politics student at the University of Leeds. I was interested in the podcast as I wanted to learn more about interesting topics within mental health and have plenty of useful conversations about what I learned along the way.


Hey guys, I'm Adnan and I'm a third year mechanical engineering student at the University of Manchester will mainly be doing solo episodes covering the area of improving mental health, such as mindfulness and journaling, and also some of my experiences. Hope you enjoy.


Hi, my name is Ben and I'm a third year psychology student at Nottingham Trent University. In my podcast, I'll be discussing psychological research papers and findings about men's mental health. I'll also be joining other contributors on their shows to help give a breadth of knowledge. Thanks, and I hope you enjoy our content.


Hey, my name is Billy and I'm currently studying at the University of Manchester my master's degree. In my episodes, I'll be touching upon all sorts of topics surrounding men's mental health and well being and I'll be chatting with other students about the realities, issues, struggles and our own experiences of what it's like to be a man a university. Hi,


I'm Aidan, I'm a postgraduate student at King's College London, studying the MSc in early intervention psychosis. In my episode, I'll focus on the stigma of mental mental health and personal experiences women's the man and the academic by belief into male mental health. Hope enjoy a podcast. Hello,


my name is Danny and I'm a mature undergrad student at the University of Derby. With this podcast, I am to try to learn and understand topics that impact our mental health, how men are part of them, and what can be done about them and to share that experience with you the listener and I'll be joined by some wonderful guests. So stay tuned.


I'm Euan, I'm a computational biology PhD student at the University of Leeds. My podcast will focus on areas surrounding stigma and mental health, changing attitudes, perspectives and approaches to tackling mental health and mental health in academia and higher education.


Hi there. I'm George and I'm a recent Geography graduate from the University of Manchester and I'm currently working in student support at the same university. I'm really interested in men's mental health, especially on the topics of masculinity, sports and alcohol, as well as their representations in film and TV. I'm also looking forward to supporting the guide on our other episodes in this podcast.

George S:

Hi, I'm George I'm in my first year of a PhD in philosophy at the University of Sheffield. PhD research examines how intellectual humility can promote friendship between people of different backgrounds, and to make the guests on the podcast as diverse as possible to ensure a range of different perspectives get represented. also interested in how concepts from philosophy can help illuminate the issues that people with mental health problems experience. So I'm looking to get guests with that kind of background as well. I hope you enjoy it.


Hello, my name is Joe. I'm a final year economics student at the University of Leeds. I'm interested in links between resilience and compassion. Well being a natural environment and explore what it means to be a man who experiences mood instability.


Hey guys, my name is Kevin. I'm an undergrad studying sustainability and environmental management. I'm here to talk to you about male body positivity and self confidence building healthy relationships with yourself and others and tackling the stigma faced by men regarding their mental health. I'm really excited for this podcast and get out there and start making waves and I hope you enjoy.


Hello, my name is Krai. I am from Thailand. I recently finished my third degree in corporate communication, marketing and public relations from the University of leaf for the podcast. I would like to share my experiences as an international student from an Asian country about study abroad and live in the UK. I hope my journey could helpall you guys more or less. Thank you.


Hello, I'm Sam. I'm a graduate of drama in screen Studies at the University of Manchester in the class of 2020. And I currently work at the same university in peer support. I'm particularly interested in media representations of men and mental health and students. Cheers.


Hi, my name is Paul, and I'm currently a master's student at University of Manchester. In my episodes, I'll be discussing a bunch of different ideas around men's mental health and well being. I'll be sharing my personal experiences as well as chatting with other students about what it means to be a man in university. In particular, I'm interested in how we can increase our well being by adopting little habits that have a profound positive impact in the long run.


My name's Caleb, I'm a third year journalism student from the University of Salford and I'm looking forward to looking into the relationship between arts and self care.


So there you have it, that's all the team and what we're interested in. Along the way, we'll be joined by many other guest speakers and friends of the podcast. We hope you enjoy the show and that you learn something along the way.