Changing MENtality

Mindfulness, Masculinity and Mental Health

November 23, 2020 Changing MENtality Season 1 Episode 6
Changing MENtality
Mindfulness, Masculinity and Mental Health
Show Notes

Mindfulness is being embraced by more and more men as a way of managing their mental health. In this episode, George and Jamie talk their own experiences practicing mindfulness, both in daily life and on meditation retreats. They discuss the ways it can be beneficial for one's wellbeing, how certain approaches could subtly reinforce unhealthy masculine ideals, and how a compassionate approach to practice can help one avoid this. They also stress that mindfulness is only one tool for improving one's wellbeing. If listeners are experiencing mental health problems, it's important that they seek multiple sources of support.

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If you were distressed by any of the content in this episode or feel you need extra support, please find  some further resources below:

  • Student Space– Online, 'one-stop shop’ for students in England and Wales who want to find help for their mental health or well-being.
  • Student Minds - Information about different support services available, including how to find them and what to expect when using them for the first time.
  • GP Service- can refer to specialist support and services.
  • University Student Support Services- e.g. counselling, mental health advisers, student advice centre, students’ union.
  • Samaritans- phone 116 123, email
  • SHOUT- 24/7 Crisis support via text- text 85258.
  • 999- for an emergency situation.
  • NHS 111- Non-emergency line run by the NHS.