Changing MENtality

Drug Addiction and Bereavement

January 29, 2021 Changing MENtality Season 2 Episode 1
Changing MENtality
Drug Addiction and Bereavement
Show Notes

In this episode, George talks to James about James' experience with drug addiction and bereavement.

If you or anyone you know is looking for support with addiction to drugs or alcohol, you can find the range of support services (some of which are mentioned in the episode) here:

The charity Mind has a range of links available at:

We Are With You offers a confidential listening service for anyone struggling with drug or alcohol problems:

There are a range of educational resources on physician Gabor Mate's website:

And his book - mentioned in the episode - can be found here:

Talk to Frank offer honest information and advice about drugs:

For those struggling with bereavement, you can get in contact with the Cruse National Helpline:

For support with grief specific to children and young adults, you can visit:

James' music can be found on Spotify at James Hook Music: